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The Harmony Twp Board of Commissioners would like to thank Jeff Allen(tree) and the whole Ambridge Water Authority, for their remarkable ability to fix the water in a very timely fashion. The break was located in an almost unattainable area. Their efforts are commendable.

We would also like to thank Creekside Springs for giving what water they could for our residents. However, their supply was already depleted. Through the efforts of Phil and Jared Safran from Shop and Save, we were able to get a tractor-trailer load from Pepsi on Monday delivered to our fire department. Another load was delivered to Shop and Save Tuesday.

Over 2 thousand cases of water were distributed to our residents, by our volunteer fire department, road dept, and new township manager Bob Villella. Some were even delivered by our police department to residents unable to leave their homes.

Glenn Angus, Harmony Township Board of Commissioners Chairman

I apologize if I’ve omitted anyone in this event, but know, that everyone’s hard work is what makes Harmony Twp. and its residents the community to be proud to live and serve in.

Glenn J. Angus

President, Harmony Twp Commissioners

Alternate Dates for Refuse and Trash Collection