There will be a new charge on Quarterly Sewage Bills

Starting with the July bills, there is a $3 (or $1.00 per month) item for the maintenance of fire hydrants in Harmony Township. The charge is to offset the cost to guarantee efficient working order of the hydrants in case of fire to protect our residents.

Sewage bills are due and payable by the last day of the month you receive them, (i.e. Jan, Apr, Jul, and Oct) If you delay payment, a 10% penalty is added to your total after the last day to pay.
If the delinquent account is not paid in full and you receive a shut-off notice, an additional $25 automatically applies for the extra administrative fees including supplies and postage costs to process.
If the account has still not been paid, water service is turned off and another $25 will be accrued for restoration fees. All must be paid in full before restoration will occur.

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News from the Beaver County Humane Society

The Beaver County Humane Society has provided information regarding Libre’s Law and The Landlord and Tenant Act

which give details concerning laws that protect animals from abuse. Click the link below to view the complete documents.

BC Humane Society






Water Quality report