The Harmony Township Sewage Department

In an effort to keep Harmony Residents informed; Sewage bills are due and payable by the last day of the month you receive them, (i.e. Jan, Apr, Jul, and Oct) If you delay payment, a 10% penalty is added to your total after the last day to pay.

If the delinquent account is not paid in full and you receive a shut-off notice, an additional $25 automatically applies for the extra administrative fees including supplies and postage costs to process.

If the account has still not been paid, water service is turned off and another $25 will be accrued for restoration fees. All must be paid in full before restoration will occur.

These charges are avoidable by timely payments.

Quarterly sewage bills arrive in the months of January, April, July, and October.

Sewage Clerk
2501 Woodland Road
Ambridge, PA 15003
724-266-1910 ext. 105

Harmony Township bills for sewer rental fees at flat-rates whereas the Borough of Ambridge Water Authority bills for water consumption. Therefore, residents and business owners will receive two bills: one from Harmony Township for sewage and the other from Ambridge Borough Water Authority for water usage. Pay current sewage bills by credit and debit cards (online below), checks, or money orders (CASH PAYMENTS NOT ACCEPTED).

Online Sewage Bill Payments

Sewage Payment Center

Service Fee
For each credit card transaction, a minimum of 2.95% or $2.50 convenience fee will apply.

Delinquent Payments
For sewage bill payments received after the due date, a 10% penalty and interest applies to the outstanding balance.

Bad check charge – $40.00

Termination of Water Service

Failure to pay a sewage bill results in the termination of water service. The charges incurred will include the cost of turning-off the water service and the cost of restoring the water service. Harmony Township does not accept personal checks to restore terminated water service.

For more information, contact the Administrative Assistant.

Department Documents

Sewer Service

Document Type: Sewer Service Application
Purpose: Establishes sewer service for properties.
Required Document: HTMA Sewer Service Application
Special Instructions: Sign Agreement at the Sewage Department.
Fee: N/A

Municipal Lien Letter

Document Type: Lien Letter Request
Purpose: Provides confirmation of any or no liens against a property.
Required Document: HTMA Lien Letter Request
Special Instructions: Checks payable to the Harmony Township Sewer Fund.
Fee: $30