Harmony Township Volunteer Fire Department

Telephone Number: 724-266-8349
Emergency Number: 9-1-1

2400 Beaver Road
Ambridge, PA 15003


  • Chief Patrick Shearer
  • Assistant Chief Brandon Robinson
  • Captain Brandon Sipes
  • 1st Lieutenant Bobby Pettner
  • 2nd Lieutenant Brian Murray

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For over 85 years, the Harmony Township Volunteer Fire Department has been providing emergency services to not only Harmony Township but also its surrounding communities.
The Harmony Township Volunteer Fire Department has over twenty-five membership volunteers. In fact, they are relatives, friends, and neighbors who selflessly donate their time and effort to provide services to Harmony Township.

In addition, the Harmony Township Volunteer Fire Department has a QRS service, which is designed to assist ambulance services during medical emergencies.

Come and Join Us for Detail Night!  Every Wednesday from 6-10pm at the Fire Department!

As one can imagine, to fund these services the cost is exorbitant. While the Harmony Township Volunteer Fire Department along with other volunteer departments struggle to cover these costs, all support received during any future fundraising activities helps to reduce the financial impact.

Harmony Township Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary

Want to help in the fight, but not play with fire?  Join our Auxiliary! 

What Does the Auxiliary Do?

The Auxiliary holds the purpose of supporting the fire department both financially and administratively. What this means is that the Auxiliary will be responsible for planning, organizing and executing fundraising projects and events, help with community events and other miscellaneous station matters. If you have experience with anything from party planning to carpentry, grant writing to organizational skills we would love to have you. Crafty talents? Communication skills? Landscaping/gardening skills? We would love for you to join us. Even if you aren’t sure that any skill you possess would be helpful, we can always find a place for you to participate in something you will enjoy.

Benefits of Joining the Auxiliary

What are some of the benefits to being a member of the Auxiliary?  Our favorite benefit that is priceless is the family you will gain. Whether triumph or tragedy, you will have a group of people to celebrate with or lean on when friends are needed most.

Contact Us To Join

The Harmony Township Volunteer Fire Department and Auxiliary would like to THANK YOU in advance for attending and supporting all upcoming events