The Harmony Township Board of Commissioners

  • President: Grace DeBona
  • Vice President: Terry Geffel Mylan
  • Commissioner: Glenn Angus
  • Commissioner: Matthew Harry Molchen
  • Commissioner: Constance Barlamas

The following Committee Appointments are designed as follows:

Public Safety and VFD Relations

  • Chairperson Grace DeBona
  • ViceTerry Geffel Mylan

Public Works Department

  • Chairperson Terry Geffel Mylan
  • Vice Glen Angus

Health, Sanitation and Code Enforcement

  • Chairperson Glen Angus
  • Vice Matthew Harry Molchen

Buildings and Grounds

  • Chairperson Grace DeBona
  • Vice Glen Angus

Parks, Recreation, and Public Relations Relations

  • Chairperson Matthew Harry Molchen
  • Vice Connie Barlamas


  • Chairperson Connie Barlamas
  • Vice Terry Geffel Mylan


  • Chairperson Terry Geffel Mylan
  • Vice Grace DeBona